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Tj Pickett-Pinex

As an aspiring Electrical Engineer with a dedication to academic excellence. Guided by faith and a passion for service, some of my journey includes traveling to Guatemala to learn about various types of leadership and the Guatemalan cultural experience from Guatemalan students themselves. I have always wanted to help people. Before exercising my passion abroad, I was blessed with the opportunity to do it in my community as an intern for Illinois' 33rd district senator before starting my collegiate engineering journey. Having these types of experiences make a world class engineer and when I become one, I'll make sure to use my skills for the benefit of others.  Click below for tips on self-improvement, as well boosting your mood, and educational resources.

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My Story

Hailing from Chicago's very own south side, I couldn't be prouder to be from 90th and Paulina. Going from an area where everyone looked like me, to Evergreen Park where it was more diverse, to graduate high school in an area the complete opposite of the first; was to say the least, a little unique. Because of this I am who I am today and I could not be prouder. Every endeavor, I strive to keep God at the center of my journey. I approach challenges with a sense of purpose and humility, recognizing that my skills and achievements are part of a greater plan. Whether designing solutions leading, or volunteering in various capacities, I find strength and guidance in my spiritual foundation. This perspective not only shapes my work ethic but also fosters a commitment to integrity, compassion, and continuous growth. It is my belief that by staying connected to my faith and community I can contribute meaningfully to the world around me. Click below to delve deeper into my story and discover how these values drive my passion. Check out the Stillwell power group below, as well as our ARISE Testimonials!

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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