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Educational Resources

I also find LinkedIn helpful to learn interesting things. Even things you could use while talking to recruiters and more in that area!

Studying (Pomodoro method)

CARE services for tutoring (Email Dana Tempel for 1 on 1 and or registration for PLTs)

Chemistry Learning Center Tutorials

Chemistry Learning Center open 9am-5pm Mon-Fri

Course Websites

Crash Course

Eisenhower’s Decision Matrix

How to get the most out of studying

OMSA Study Skills

OMSA Trac Cloud & Their drop-in office hours

Paul's Calc 1-3 notes

Readings in Chem Textbook

Read More

Student Support Center (Math office hours) In English building on 3rd Floor

Student Toolkit

Web Assign Readings

Read More

YouTube sources for Math & Chemistry

Youtube sources extra links:

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