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Tj Pickett-Pinex

Hey everyone. If you know me, you know I'm a nerd for electrical engineering aspects related to renewable energy, green energy, innovation, and sustainable development. If you didn't, well now you do. Click the button below and check out what I saw on LinkedIn! Spoiler, if you like Legos, you'll love this. Outside of being a nerd, I also love food, basketball, shoes, and music. Not to mention, I'm a brother, an uncle, nephew, son, cousin, and so many more for those back at home. 

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Sustainable Development

 It's about how someone submitted an idea to LEGO abouts kits for educating kids on sustainable development and things of that nature. Which to me is a fantastic idea because, one it gives kids a great hands-on experience to learn about renewable energy and sustainability. Two, if you like LEGOs, (which I never liked LEGOs until recently), it is a win-win for you. Also, Lego company has been known to be increasingly innovative in the past couple of years and I think the potential their company has is high and can be beneficial to society. Check out the post, and if you don't mind feel free to sign up and support Alexis Issaharoff and this pretty cool idea. 


If you would like to sign up please click the button below!



- And if you're really interested in stuff like this, come join ISD: Illinois Solar Decathalon where we engineer houses for a sustainable future. Last year I was a part of the concept team, and this year I'm in mentee training while being on the build team's photovoltaics & electrical systems sub team. Learn more about us here: Illinois Solar Links to an external site. Click Decathlon, to learn more!


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